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We are Specialised in providing high tech solutions for pumping liquids and compress critical gases like Syngas. We are Specialised in service & Maintenance.

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Founded in 1985, Suren Enterprise is the authorised agent of Nikkiso Co., Ltd Japan, Nikkiso Eiko Co., Ltd, Japan, Daido Machinery Corporation, Japan, Taiko Kikai Industries Co., Ltd, Japan Taiwan Nikkiso Co., Ltd., Taiwan for the territory of India. Suren Enterprise represents product lines like Canned Motor Pumps (including API 685), Metering Pumps (including API 675), Small Capacity Chemical Injection / Dosing Pumps, Rubber Impeller Pumps, Internal Gear Pumps, Lobe Pumps, Positive Displacement Roots Blowers, Buffer Solution Package, Condenser lead detection System, Dosing and Sampling system. Many of these quality products have been widely used in India for more than 40 years in the field of refinery, chemicals, petrochemicals, WTP, STP Plants, synthetic fibres, steel, etc. 

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Nikkiso Co. Ltd., Japan

(A) Canned Motor Pumps (including API 685 pumps)

Nikkiso Pumps

Nikkiso metering pumps 
Nikkiso canned motor pump


Diado Pumps

Diado Internal Gear Pumps
Diado Lobe Pumps 

Nikkiso Eiko

Nikkiso Eiko small metering injection pump
Nikkiso Eiko flexible rubber impellar pumps for slurry transfers


Root Blowers

Blowers for critical gas applications; toxic, flammable, or explosive gas, we  provide the best solution to you

Why Choose Us

Thanks to our advanced techniques and reliability, our products have been trusted by a majority of domestic listed firms and have received high ratings from our users throughout the country. 


We employ the highest standards and believe that our continued success is based upon sustaining the relationships that keep our business growing. We believe that open and honest communication is vital to the lasting success of the firm.


We remain accountable to our clients for the efficient execution of any project given to us. We will work hard and smart to identify and execute cost savings wherever we can to the best of our abilities


we believe that an open culture characterized by mutual respect, sharing of ideas and a commitment to common goals contributes to the overall productivity of our firm.


In providing professional service we are dedicated to competence, dependability and excellence. We believe that our projects are a reflection of who we are as a company.

Individual Expertise

Our philosophy is that each team member plays an important role in our company by providing individual expertise and a distinctive perspective to each project that they are involved in.

Customer Service

We are dedicated to not only achieving, but exceeding, client expectations. Through a strong commitment to the above values, Rempel Engineering strives to set ourselves above the rest.

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